Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ready, Set....Holidays!

Yesterday was the start of the holiday season. Wow! Already?

Yesterday was Halloween. We did not give out candy this year (due to tight finances), but after the boys got home from trick-or-treating, ArtGuy suggested we just flip the porch lights on and open for business, because they brought back a store's-worth of candy! I can't decide if my headache today is a sinus headache or sugar OD!

Those buckets were groaning with candy by evening's end!

Today, Nov. 1, is the feast of All Saints, one of my favorite feasts of the year. I have loved reading about the saints since I was young. A friend's post on facebook yesterday reminded me of the All Saints party our charismatic community threw every year. It really took the place of Halloween. The whole gym where we met was turned into a fair of games, cakewalk, and entertainment. And saints, of course. Even many of the adults dressed up. Each year I would hit my saint books, trying to find the picture of the most beautiful saint I could find (invariably St. Cecilia was pictures with shampoo commercial-ready blonde hair, flawless skin, and sweet blue eyes, and usually rocked a pale pink robe. Guess who I was most years?).  While we did not celebrate Halloween when I was young, we still got to dress up, and we left the All Saints party with enough candy to sink a boat, so it was no hardship to forgo Halloween.


The only difficult part I can remember is at school. The teacher would always go around the room and ask everyone what they were going to be for Halloween that year. I usually made something up, like an angel or cat. I mean, I wasn't exactly embarrassed of the All Saints tradition, but I just didn't want to explain to my classmates who St. Clare was, and why that made a better Halloween costume than Madonna (the singer, not the Virgin).

Now that I think of it, that was a wasted opportunity to evangelize, but what can I say? I was a shy child!

Tomorrow is All Souls Day, but it is also Cookie Boy's 12th birthday. One disadvantage of having a birthday 2 days after Halloween is that you usually are not wild to have cake or anything!

A few weeks will see us at Thanksgiving, then Advent, then Christmas.

Oh yeah - it is ALL starting up!

Eat your Wheeties!


Patty said...

One of my favorite feast days as well. I remember I chose St. Elizabeth of Hungary. Happy birthday to your soon to be 12 year old. PS..i go in for my diabetes test this week. I know I failed it already between birthday cake and Halloween candy!

Ang said...

I love Advent. It's the best! Love your comment about "Madonna (the singer, not the Virgen.)" Hahaha!

Ang said...

Virgin, not virgen...dang it! Where's the spell check?!