Monday, October 31, 2011

Fashion Rut

The word "fashion" does not really exist in my vocabulary.  Unless jeans and really big shirts count as "fashion".

After a summer of unbelievable heat here in Texas, the weather has finally changed. Which means, we can finally wear jeans, and some days, long-sleeved shirts!

Which means, I need to go shopping.

Yesterday, between traveling from one parish to another, I stopped by Target. I thought, "Great! I can pick up a couple of plain, long-sleeved shirts. That is all I need."
Due to time constraints, I did not try on the shirts. I mean, they are regular long-sleeved shirts. How hard can it be? I picked two styles - a blue scoop neck tee, and a forest green "classic" tee. I also went the "XL" route. What can I say? I am a curvy girl who likes her clothes to be a little roomy!

Later, when I had a few minutes at home, I eagerly tried on my shirts. The blue one was a little snug, but workable. I like the long length, which covers my tooshie. Then, I tried on the "classic" green tee.


I do NOT like the current "in" fashion of snug shirts. No one, and I mean no one, needs to see me in a tight t-shirt. And a tight, long-sleeve t-shirt that is also long length-wise shows off all my "curves" - from shoulders to hips. I guarantee you there is nothing fashionable about the way it makes me look.

I went to the Target website today, and read through the description of the shirt. It is a "contemporary fit", which means, will show everything you have. How about "real-life" fit? Or, let's just call it a "big girl" fit? That is what I want!

It is depressing to feel so....unlovely. 

The blue shirts can stay. The green shirt is going back. And I am going shopping, again!

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ASC said...

I feel your pain! I have always been happy with JC Penney's short and long sleeve t's. Good fit, wash well and good colors. A few more $ than Target, but they hold up great. They are my "mom uniform!"