Saturday, July 9, 2011


Wow! So, this week has been uber-busy. I hate saying that, because I am not a "let's tally how busy I am" kind of person, but it has been a virtual whirlwind for weeks now! Summer won't even start for me until a week from now.

This year, I am helping solicit and pick up donations for our church's VBS program. This is....not my forte, shall we say. It has been a true testament to how willing am I really to serve! I have also just been chanting to myself for weeks, "I have no sense of pride. I have NO sense of pride". Usually before I call or walk into a business, and tell them with my best smile why they should want to donate or discount services to our program.

But VBS officially begins tomorrow night, and it will be so- much -FUN!!!!! It astounds me how many people it actually takes to pull a VBS together. It is a monumental undertaking!

Hope your week was great!

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Patty said...

So a cold-call sales job isn't in your future? LOL