Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blazing Hot

So, today is day 26  in a row of 100+ temps in North Central Texas. We have over 30 days over 100+ in total this summer.
I am a native Texan, but this is hot, even for us natives!

What does this mean?

  • the grass in my yard...well, let's call it the "former grass" in my dead!
  • the low - the LOW, mind you, was 86 degrees the other night. 
  • my ancient van is barely able to cool the interior temps down while we are driving
  • our house AC runs almost continuously from about 2pm until midnight
  • Momma ain't goin' anywhere she doesn't have to!
The Monkey does not like this "don't go outside" routine we have.  He is quite unhappy.

What have we learned?
  • The library, the bookstore, Target, and the movie theater all have great AC's. The iffy.
  • The Raceway and the QT are very conveniently placed for our errands. Frosty drinks, anyone?
  • We do not leave the house without water.
We are going to try to cook an egg in our van tomorrow! Coooool!

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