Tuesday, August 14, 2012

(There and) Back Again

I'm baaaack!

So, I decided to take time off from blogging. You see, this spring I read that:
  • sometimes writers who want to become successful (read: published) think that blogging can help them write better. Kind of like someone who wants to run a marathon does not begin training with a 25 mile run, but rather starts in small increments, and builds up to the long distance, as their little runner muscles develop and strengthen. Not that I would know, since the only time I run is when a June bug is headed for my face. But that is the basic idea. Marathon runner - trains in small increments. Writer - trains through blogging.
  • Those writers who believe that blogging in anything like running are, in a word, fools! 
  • "Real" writers do not blog. "Real writers" know that blogging distracts them from "real"writing. 
  • They also should not read books, so as to keep their voice "pure".
Yeah. For some reason, this made sense to me in May, so I packed up my blogging skills, put away my novels, and waited for genius to break forth.
Only genius ended up taking a back seat to kids, errands, housework, school planning, and so forth.
 The plan started to fail in late July, when I could no longer resist reading to my heart's content (or when the 4-year-old will let me). 

Then, not too long ago, I got fed-up with my lifeline, facebook, and took a big step back from the petty name-calling, bashing-of-the-human-race that is a social media site in a political year.

Have you ever turned on your garden hose, but did not realize there is a kink in it? You keep waiting for the water to flow, but nothing comes out. You can hear an ominous noise that tells you water pressure is building somewhere, and then, just before the hose explodes in a flurry of garden-hosey-material, you spot the kink, release the pressure, and watch a tower of water shoot 50 feet into the sky from your sprinkler head.

Well, I AM that garden hose. I need to write, people!

I give up! Maybe my short publishing days are over! I don't care anymore. (kind of)

All I know for sure is, I am back!

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