Friday, August 2, 2013

7Quick Takes Friday

Happy Friday!

 Here are my thoughts on 7 quick topics today. Thanks Conversion Diary, for hosting!


 How is it Friday already? Wasn't yesterday Monday? This week flew by. Not only that, but it is August now? I am still trying to adjust to the fact it is 2013 not 2012.


I have discovered a genius! My neighbors next door have a 16-year-old-son, M, who is an organizational and cleaning savant! Maybe he cannot be literally a savant at his tender age, but he is highly gifted, at any rate.

Last week, M came over and directed the total cleaning out of my coat closet (why did we have a million coats? There are only 6 of us and we live in Texas, for heaven's sake! I don't think I have worn a coat in two years!). We also began my large upstairs linen/game/homeschool closet. It apparently had a thousand blankets in it, left over from our last house, which - while only 15 miles away - was magically transported to Siberia in the winter months. We froze during winter in that house. My solution was to collect blankets. Lots of blankets.
Before - Blanket CHAOS!

After: Ahhhhh!

M is very patient with me.

He is coming over today to finish up that closet. And there is great rejoicing.

Jen from Conversion Diary  had a great post yesterday about Organizational Hacks for the Rest of Us. Very funny and very helpful.

 Another good recent blog post is "OverExposed"  at The Busy Mom (why does Heidi St. John always looks like a beautiful model on a catalog shoot in her pictures? Unfair!)

Heidi talks about how some of the down side of social media. How it can rob us of intimacy. How it can hurt. How there needs to be balance. But she says it all so well.

You know I have said many times I have a love-hate thing with facebook.  As Monk would say, "It is a blessing and a curse."


If you get your knowledge of the Catholic Church from CNN . . .well, I don't know how to finish that sentence. Hey, I got it!

If you get your knowledge of the Catholic Church from CNN, you will never know anything about the Catholic church.

Or pretty much anything else. And not just CNN, either.

Monday afternoon I was eating a delicious chocolate-dipped ice cream cone at Dairy Queen, frittering the time away with the Monkey while Romeo was in pottery class. I glanced up at the tv screen, tuned to CNN, to see the ticker flash by something like "Pope Francis says he will not judge homosexuals" and then "Pope Francis says homosexuality is not a sin; Twitter erupts with controversy".

Sigh. Not again.

In a nutshell: Pope Francis did not say anything different to anything else the Church has been teaching for a long time. I will not explain it all, just because many other people have done with much better than I can. Cardinal Dolan's blog is, as always, friendly and down-to-earth and highly intelligent. Read this.

It reminded me of the firestorm started by - tah dah - the media! - in one of Pope Benedict XVI's first talks, when he was speaking about Mohammad. Whatever the media grabbed onto made it sound like Benedict was rude and ignorant and mean. I remember hearing that sound bite and thinking, "Wow, that does not sound like the Church to me". All I had to do was simply go to the transcript of his actual speech. Yes, the quote the media flung about was accurate, but it was entirely out of context and changed the whole meaning of it all.

I look at any news organization kind of like Wikipedia: a good place to start with a little information about a subject, but not at all reliable, or even necessarily true.

Or maybe more like a reality show. 

In other words, do not believe everything you hear. When possible, go to the source.


Staring forty in the face, fatter than I have ever been my entire life, with the body left-over from carrying Four Strapping Sons into this world (complete with c-section scars!), I bought my first ever bikini top.

Less like this

More like this

Not that anyone will see it. When worn, it is safely hidden under my super-duty, can't-touch-this, rashguard swim shirt.

Apparently my Irish heritage strangled my Native American heritage in a death match.I go white-red-white. That is it.

We went to a water park earlier this summer. In spite of applying 50 SPF many times throughout the day, I burned. So I went home and bought a a water shirt. Then I realized something has to go under the shirt. So, I bought a bikini top.

It is much more exciting than it sounds. It certainly has not impressed Art Guy.


It is August. It is Texas. It is hot.

Dallas 7 day Forecast

We are getting ready to vacation at a beach in Delaware, where the highs are in the low-to-mid 80's. Can you even GO to the beach when it is only 82?

I am thinking our family, used to hotter-than-heck-Texas weather, will be huddled under parkas or something. "I'm a little chilly."Teeth chattering. Only toes dipped in the water.


I am catching up on some Amazing Race. Love that show! I so want to be on it and have excellent adventures. ArtGuy and I would be the bickering couple. I would be constantly out-of-breath and red in the face. We would snap at each other often as we navigate the crazy tasks given. We would make awesome television!

Have a great weekend!


Lee said...

Go you on the bikini top! As long as it makes you feel feminine and hot, that's what matters. Even if it is under a rashguard. :) You are a far braver woman than I!

Casey said...

#2: Your organized closet is beautiful!! Go neighbor boy!

#3: I also have a love-hate with FB. It is so isolating and it encourages narcissism in some people, I am convinced!

#4: Mainstream media = a joke. Not even a funny one, but a bad one that makes people uncomfortable.

#5: Brave bikini-clad woman! I have a tankini, because I wouldn't be able to stay in a bikini. :S I got the opposite dose of our Irish/Native American heritage. I am perpetually tan in the spots exposed to the sun. I don't start burning until I am almost at the edge of heatstroke, which means I don't have a very good sense of how long I should stay in the sun.